Smart business owners, especially now, are focused on their business backend.      You may have heard this term before.   We’re talking about your existing customers, your business backend.    And more importantly, how to make sure you’re taking great care of them and utilizing those relationships to ensure your business is creating income through these efforts.

Are you looking to improve your customer service?

You’ve seen the statistics that prove how important customer service is.    You know how important customer service is to your overall customer experience.

Even when your customer service is showing positive results, you know continuing to improve it can be one of the most important parts of your operations.    You may even realize that customer service culture should be at the very center of your business.      If so, you’ve joined the ranks of the best in your business.

You also understand that improving how you take care of and retain customers will be something you never stop working on.

Here are 5 simple strategies that can help your business retain customers and maintain that ultra important focus on service :

✔ Prioritize resolving issues with speed.
Reply quickly to inquiries and work towards speedy resolution in every situation

✔ Interview your top customers.
Ask your current clients what they like/dislike about how you take care of them – use that input to take action

✔ Focus on communication.
Both proactive and reactive communication to all of your customers, in an authentic and genuine way, personalized for each client can be an impressive differentiator

✔ Create a community.
Know your customers and make sure they feel like part of a community gaining special benefits

✔ Surprise your customers.
Thank you notes, small gifts, delighting your clients in ways that will put a smile on their face and make them feel special can build tremendous loyalty

We spend a lot of time preaching about customer service.    Forbes does too.     Check out an excellent, recently released article for a second opinion (if you need one) right here.

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