“One of the things that’s very frustrating is that our customers don’t know how bad these services are.   The basic model is they charge a commission, in GrubHub’s case, 30%.   It’s so much more than we make on the meal.”

Is Online Ordering Essential for your Restaurant?

Restaurant Ordering has Changed Permanently

If you run a restaurant right now you have at least thought about adding online ordering capabilities.

It’s a smart move. Even after we’re recovering and moving on from these tough times, it’s very likely that restaurant ordering has changed permanently.

It’s possible Americans will come out of the coronavirus crisis having drastically changed the way they buy food long term.   In a related industry, a large slice of the $1.2 trillion grocery market moves from supermarket aisles to phone and laptop screens.  That could give shoppers even fewer reasons to leave the house to buy stuff.   This hurts local brick-and-mortar businesses and strengthens already huge retailers like Amazon and Walmart, which are two of the biggest online grocers.

As a restaurant owner, you may be using GrubHub or something like it already.

The importance of and focus on this type of service has shed some light on what owners and operators need to be aware of.   This functionality can be handled with a lower investment than ever before.     Solutions taking less profit from restaurants and that involve more in-house delivery employees can make a big difference, especially now.

Take a look at this eye-opening article about GrubHub (link at the end of this post).    Contact us any time to learn more.    During these difficult times for businesses fighting through the COVID-19 Pandemic, especially restaurants, owners are faced with an influx of information via news outlets, social media, and vendors reaching out trying to sell products or services.    Who to trust and what actions to take can be an overwhelming task.   The consequences could mean life or death for the business itself.

The analysis by TechCrunch on GrubHub’s Seamless service certainly makes us feel like it’s at least time to review options for your restaurant that are not reliant on GrubHub only.

Read more here.

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“Last week we could have paid our team to work 1,210 hours for what we paid in delivery app commission fees.  That’s why we’re encouraging guests to order direct from our website.”

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