Frequently Asked Questions

Who Do I Call With Questions?2020-07-05T00:59:50+00:00

If you’re based in the US, your service center should be as well.    Our recommendation is US-based customer service as well as a local account manager you can meet face to face and contact via cell phone.

How Difficult is Changing Payment Service Providers?2020-07-05T00:52:44+00:00

Businesses can’t afford downtime, expensive changeover fees, integration problems, or a disruption of processes.   When considering a change in providers, it is possible to partner with a company that can help you avoid all of these difficulties and make the move quick, easy, and cost you very little or nothing at all.     Be sure to fully understand everything that goes in to a vendor change, and if your choice of a new provider doesn’t make you feel comfortable with every detail it may be best to look elsewhere.

What if I Need to Terminate My Agreement?2020-07-05T00:31:33+00:00

It is our strong recommendation to only do business with a payments vendor that does not ask you to suffer early termination fees for ending a merchant services agreement.    If something changes within your business you should be able to make a call and end your service if you need to.    Many merchant services providers require multi-year agreements with early termination fees of several hundred dollars and also make the process of cancelling service extremely difficult.    Be aware of your contract terms if you’re considering a change.

Are AMEX and DISCOVER more expensive?2020-07-05T00:21:49+00:00

Both AMEX and DISCOVER cards can be slightly more expensive than other card types, but the processing provider you work with should have the ability to price these cards very competitively.    Your business should not have to decide whether or not to take these popular card types due to fees set much higher than other cards.

When will I receive my funds?2020-07-05T00:21:28+00:00

It’s important to ensure your merchant services provider funds your transactions within 24 hours.    You may also have access to faster funding, but ask about all of the details and only work with a company that fully explains what you should expect.     Depending on several variables, cutoff times can be as early as 2pm or as late as 10pm for you to receive your funds the next business day.

What are your rates?2020-07-04T23:59:59+00:00

The cost of taking payments varies significantly from business to business.   Our most important recommendation is to partner with a provider you trust to fully disclose fees, educate you on everything that goes into your monthly financial statement, and be available to answer any question you have.  Be wary of providers who promise a low rate or tremendous savings without clear explanation.

Do You Offer Lending or Leasing Programs Tied to My Credit Cards?2020-07-05T01:21:38+00:00

Business lending options are extremely important for quick access to funds for equipment purchases, operating capital, expansion, payroll, inventory, and many other essential functions.    From equipment leasing to business loans up to $5M, our lending experts help businesses get the capital they need every day.    If repayment through your credit card batches is right for you we can help get you setup accordingly, or many other loan types and repayment options are available.    Avoid the unnecessary fees, origination costs, and other complications of traditional bank loans.

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