Customer service for businesses large and small continues to become more and more important.   Customers have more choices now than ever.   They have less patience when their experiences with products and services are not exceptional.   How customer relationships are handled is evolving as well.   More authenticity and less scripted language is the preferred method in modern business, sales, and service relationships.   Relaxed, less-formal, authentic language in customer service mixed with common sense and professionalism will put you in great shape with your clients.

“Even the Ritz-Carlton Hotel Company, so famously formal for many years, has made this transformation in the language that they use and has seen a positive impact on guest reactions.  “We’ve become intentionally less formal over time,” Herve Humler, long-time Ritz-Carlton Hotel Company president and founding member of the Ritz-Carlton Hotel Company, told me not long ago. “We focus now on authentic, unscripted conversation and interactions with the customer. In the early days when putting together this hotel company and growing it globally, we scripted almost everything. You’ d hear “my pleasure” repeated everywhere you went in the hotel because that was part of the script. We have evolved from that today and now encourage our employees to be themselves. To conduct interactions with utmost respect and courtesy, but in a way that is natural to their personality and the warmth of their caring natures.””

The selection above comes from Forbes.    Check out the full article here.

Watch a funny clip directly from Rob discussing authentic language in business relationships!

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